Bahareque Origin – El Aguila – Specialty Colombian Coffee


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Single Origin Coffee, coming from the town “El Aguila”, located in the North of Valle del Cauca – Colombia.

We are incredibly happy to bring coffee from this area and support the coffee growers as this is the poorest department of the region. It is the last town of the North of the Valle covered in plantations of coffee and plantain. 70% of the population of “El Aguila” live in the rural area, where there are many farms without electricity and plumbed water. The majority of the population live from the Coffee, but at the moment it is hard to produce a lot of it due to the extremely hot weather and a decrease in the prices that pay for this product.

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Any of the drip filter methods will highlight the chocolate and fruity notes of this coffee. We love using a V60 to brew this coffee and to enjoy a clear and tasty coffee.

Fruity, chocolate, citrus (orange and tangerine)

Above 1,600 m.a.s.l

Castillo – Supremo

El Aguila, North of Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Medium – High