Bahareque Origin – Alcala


£10.00 per 340 Grams

Single Origin Coffee, coming from the town “Alcala”, located in the North of Valle del Cauca – Colombia

Alcala is a municipality of Valle del Cauca, part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape and declared World Heritage site by the UNESCO in 2011. its northern location, so close to the Eje Cafetero and so far from the capital of its department, Cali, has facilitated just 100 years ago the influence of the coffee culture that defines the populations of that area of the country, of which Valle del Cauca is also part with several of its municipalities of the northern part. Being located in the mountains, Alcalá has a warm climate of tropical dry forest and pre-mounted humid forest. This climate allows the development of crops for production, essentially coffee.

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Tropical fruits, citrus and sweets as sugar cane.

Above 1,500 m.a.s.l

Castillo – Caturra – Supremo

Alcala, North of Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Medium – Citrus

Medium, Medium High