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Andina Coffee is the creation of Maria Paz Varela Hernandez, Colombian , specifically from Cartagena, the north of the country and  who moved from to Scotland in 2017. I (Maria) knew that there was a market for speciality coffee from Colombia in the UK and I have worked hard to bring some of the best Colombian coffee beans to the UK.

After some time trying to sell online coffee, doing research and knowing that there was a huge competition out there, I decided to open a coffee shop with the bad/good luck that just after signing the leasing of the property the first lockdown in Scotland was announced. My husband and I worked hard to get the premises ready and we took turns with family members to help us with the refurbishing of it. After months of work we were able to operate as a takeaway in Dennistoun. Fast-forward  3 years without going into too many details we decided to expand and open our second coffee shop in the West End of Glasgow.

In Andina Coffee Co. we consider the hard working coffee farmers – who handpick our best Colombian coffee beans – artisans. Our beans travel thousands of miles from the Andean (Andina in Spanish) Region of Colombia, South America, to your cup.

We are the only coffee roasters in the UK that roasts its coffee at origin with the aim to add value in the producing country, and improve outcomes for Colombian coffee growers as a result

The idea is that the profit from the sale of the roasted coffee then stays in-country and consequently drives economic development in coffee-growing communities.

We are proud to work with Fairtrade suppliers who provide quality coffee beans and fair working conditions for the artisan farmers. Andina Coffee is the only coffee beans in the UK to have the Protected Geographical Indication – Café de Colombia (PGI – Colombian Coffee), A guarantee of origin for Colombian coffee growers and distributors since they allow them to guarantee the authenticity of their product and compliance with the quality standards of Colombian Coffee.

We are a Colombian coffee  brand committed to offering the best specialty coffee and honouring our farmers by generating prosperity and wellbeing

Our Values:

Experts: We belong to a Colombian Coffee tradition that has the knowledge and experience to produce the best specialty coffee in the world

Authentic: We truly represent the best of Colombia and we want to show the best of it. We are proud of our roots, our ancestors and our history. Every part of it made us resilient and stronger for future generations.

Joyful: We are Latin American and carry the tropic’s passion and joy. We want to share it with people around us

Connectors: We build a community not only of coffee lovers but of one that enjoys nature, traveling, new friends and simple things in life

Respectfulness: We are sustainable, we honour our lands, our Colombian coffee, we protect the forest, enhance the lands of our farmers and lookup for a world where people and businesses thrive in harmony.

Inclusion: We promote equal access and opportunities to Colombian coffee & cacao farmers and employees in Colombia so no one will be excluded or marginalised regarding their origin

Colombianity: We are Colombia, we are Colombian Coffee, we are Colombian Cacao, we want to bring the most representative of our culture. The stories of our people, the language we use and our way of seeing life. We want to improve the image of the country and its products abroad

As coffee roasters we want to bring to you the best coffee beans to your house, coffee shop, roastery, B&B and any other space where our coffee can be appreciated enjoyed.

A Journey of Flavour, Tradition, and Community

At Andina Coffee,
we bring you the true essence of Colombia in every cup.
Every sip opens a world of rich heritage, unparalleled quality, and a heartwarming community.
As you explore the symphony of flavours that only quality Colombian coffee can offer.

Our Story: A Legacy of Excellence and Care

With a heritage deeply rooted in the traditions of Colombian coffee.

Andina Coffee is more than just a brand – it’s a dedication to the craft passed down through generations.

Our journey begins on the verdant slopes of Colombian farms, where our expert coffee roasters cultivate beans with unwavering care and love.

Our Coffee: Crafted at the Source

At Andina Coffee, we’re proud to be the pioneers of roasting Colombian coffee beans at their very origin.

This unique process ensures that every bean retains the distinct characteristics gifted by the beautiful country of Colombia.

Our speciality coffee roasters meticulously select, roast, and blend these beans to create a cup that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

From Colombian beginnings to savouring your perfect cup in the heart of Glasgow.

The Experience: Savouring Moments, Creating Memories

Whether you’re sipping our rich Colombian coffee at home or immersing yourself in the warm ambiance of our coffee shop, every moment with Andina Coffee is a celebration.

Take a sip, enjoy, and let the flavours transport you to the heart of Colombia.

Feel the joy of connecting with our thriving community of coffee enthusiasts who share your passion.

Discover the Magic of Colombian Coffee:
A Rich Heritage and Delightful Taste

Colombian coffee isn’t just a beverage.

It’s magic that unfolds with each sip.

Connecting you to a rich heritage that spans generations.

From the mist-kissed mountains to the sun-drenched valleys.

The land itself seems to infuse its spirit into every bean.

Colombian coffee carries the whispers of ancient traditions.

The dedication of hardworking farmers.

And the vibrancy of a culture that cherishes the simple joy of sharing a cup.

As you indulge in the depths of its taste, you’re savoring more than just a drink.

You’re savoring history, community, and the essence of a nation.

A sip that echoes the resilience and pride of a people who have mastered the art of cultivating a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Experience the exceptional at Adina Coffee.

About the Heritage of Colombian Coffee: A Legacy of Excellence

Colombian coffee is more than a drink.

It’s a legacy that embodies the resilience and pride of a nation.

Andina Coffee pays homage to this heritage by curating the finest beans, roasted and brewed with a reverence for tradition.

Each cup is a testament to the generations that have dedicated their lives to perfecting the art of Colombian coffee.

What Makes Us Different: Elevating Coffee to a Higher Standard

At Andina Coffee, we stand apart as specialty coffee roasters.

Our commitment to the well-being of Colombian farmers is unwavering.

By roasting at the source, we not only preserve the authentic flavours but also contribute to the prosperity of our farming communities.

This is coffee with a purpose, crafted with expertise and care.

Where to Find Us: Embrace the Andina Coffee Experience

Visit our cosy cafes located in the heart of Glasgow – West End and East End.

Indulge in the sensory delight of our freshly brewed Colombian coffee while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere that captures the spirit of Colombia.

Join us on this journey to savor the finest coffee and connect with kindred spirits who appreciate the artistry in every cup.

We are specialty coffee roasters and we can’t wait to welcome you into our likeminded community.

Newest comments

Jaymo Cruzy

I had an amazing experience at this cafe. It’s the best coffee I have had in Scotland. It was referred and it was amazing. I would highly recommend it. It is clean and it has a great atmosphere. The staff is very friendly too. I would give it 5 stars. I travelled all the way across the city, just to get to it (as I heard about it). It was well worth the travel wnd I will definitely be making it my regular place. Ohhh and the music was amazing and even better is that you can take home a bag of this amazing coffee! Win Win!

Sam Craig

Lovely chilled, friendly place, I had company but would have easily have felt at ease on my own reading etc, friendly if you wanted to chat but also unobtrusive if you didn’t. Great find, can’t wait to go back.

Gillian Leckie

Perfect Ambiance. Some of the best coffee I have tasted-came for one stayed for 2 it was that good. Staff were so friendly but also got to just chill out and read.

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Andina Glasgow West End:

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Monday to Saturday 8am - 5pm
Sunday: 9am - 5pm